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Hidden and Disabled Element View is Not Set As a Radio Button and Typos

indieben , November 06 2018
indieben 120
November 06 2018 #381327
Not the biggest issues in the world but it is a touch odd that one has to type **anything** within the boxes to have field elements load as hidden or disabled. Why can these not be set as radio buttons?
Also, can someone please scan through the dialogues to correct the typos - there is clearly a lot of hard work completed here and these silly issues spoil it and undermine its' potential.
I'd be interested to know whether accessibility has been given attention too.
healyhatman 6.0
November 06 2018 #381333
One has to type "anything" with the hidden/disabled boxes because that's the HTML5 standard - they're a boolean attribute.
Better than a radio button (which doesn't allow for programmatically setting the option) and better than what it has now would be using a data source to determine. So you could either put in text or a {var:} call.
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