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Deleting Header within Partition Deleted Shed Loads of Fields

indieben , November 05 2018
indieben 119
November 05 2018 #381282
Hi, bit upset about this. I've just had an hour worth of work wasted by deleting a header leading to lots of fields being deleted. The header of course is just another element. I had saved everything meticulously and by item, block and the form itself. I'm lucky that the items are still listed in my events as it is conditional whether the fields display or not depending on whether the client is an individual or a business. It's still a load of manual data entry to redo though. I will have a scout around the database to see if the fields still exist there but the issue is:
a) waiting around for someone to respond is going to take even more time and, even then, there is no guarantee it can be fixed easily.
b) I will have to wait before finishing what I need to.
These kind of serious issues really shouldn't be happening when a product is being sold like this. If it's not ready for rollout, it's not ready for rollout.
healyhatman 5.2
November 05 2018 #381292
So you deleted a block containing lots of elements, and are upset that those elements were also deleted?
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indieben 119
November 06 2018 #381295
“...the header of course is just another element” Is the clue (and that I have posted it in the bugs section). Please re-read.
healyhatman 5.2
November 06 2018 #381302
My bad for misreading.
Tried to replicate - created a partition area, put some fields in, put a header in, saved. Removed header and saved, everything still as it should be.
Let me know if you're able to replicate the issue.
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I don't work for ChronoEngine but I do accept donations

You can now copy+paste code from forums
indieben 119
November 06 2018 #381319
Sure, thanks for re-reading healyhatman,
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my form having been created before I bought the license.
Felt like crying!
Just wondering, is there any quick way of getting the fields back - I presume that if they have not been deleted intentionally, that the records probably haven't been deleted out of the db...
Thanks again.
indieben 119
November 06 2018 #381320
I've only created one password field since I set this website up. As you can see, it still exists in the back end database but it is one of the fields that randomly disappeared when I deleted the header element. (screenshot of PHP My Admin).
I only wanted to see what it looked like without the header element and now i'm going to put it back anyway :-p :-p
indieben 119
November 06 2018 #381326
Just to confirm this has messed up the Chronoforms database tables and this in turn confirms a serious bug and a massive question mark over the viability of version 6 - if the database structure can collapse in this way then it is entirely unstable and it's short sighted for it to have been released so early after all of the hard work and the reputation that Chronoforms has earned over the years.
Whilst I appreciate that V6 will help to bring in much needed revenue, if issues like this are not ironed out before a stable release is made public, then people are going to demand their money back and it will defeat the object.
Business users are going to be particularly annoyed.
If I try to save field_text42 (or any other field), it brings up a dialogue to save field_password54. I have messaged Greyhead to see if he has an emergency fix.
I do love Greyhead dearly for all of his hard work but where the goodness was his head at with this release?
This desperately needs some emergency fix tools as a failsafe. I'd recommend that an emergency toolset for such scenarios was released as standard with each release (discreetly placed).
As a stab in the dark, it seems to me that for the database to end up out of kilter with the design view means that there is a bug in Chronoforms that is stopping the database tables from being referenced properly (this might explain how the deletion of one element leads to the deletion of many other elements unintentionally). I have been careful to use individual references for elements.
I also note that Chronoforms Github page doesn't appear to have been updated since 2012 so there is no way for people who use Chronoforms (who have a gift in coding) to review code for errors and to contribute towards fixes. This would not get in the way of revenue for the project and it would avoid such a borked release in the future.
indieben 119
November 06 2018 #381328
I also think the deletion of the header element was entirely coincidental. I've just spent another hour rebuilding the form and stuff has disappeared again. I might just give up to be honest and ask for a refund on the license. In terms of lost time (and therefore lost profit) it's ridiculous. I can't recommend this to clients as it will give me a bad name.
Furthermore, for issues like this that are no fault of the user, why is there no emergency on call support?
GreyHead 63.3
November 07 2018 #381343
Hi indieben,
Just for clarity Max is the owner and developer - not me. I have nothing to do with the code. Nor am I expert in CFv6.
I've not seen this reported by anyone else so it looks like there is some combination of form structure and server settings that are causing you problems. I don't have any immediate idea what that might be.
PS the GitHub account appears to have been only for the original WordPress plug-in; the ChronoForms code has never been there. You can of course check the code on your site and post any suggested fixes here - or let Max know directly using the Contact menu above.
ChronoForms technical support
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indieben 119
November 07 2018 #381351
Sorry Greyhead!
I've spoken to my hosting support but I already knew it wouldn't be an issue at their end. If a database is able to retrieve some fields then there's clearly no issue with the ability of my website to connect to the database. Joomla works so PHP works - otherwise it would error.
The only logical solution I can arrive at is that I had created forms BEFORE I had activated any kind of license. I subsequently bought the license. I can only think that the activation hasn't fully cleared the restrictions... The customer service is shocking - i've sent two Emails using the contact form and neither have led to a response. I have obviously gone through the activation steps.
Since the database has now been sent topsy turvy, the only thing I can think to do is reinstall Chronoforms and redo the forms manually. For the hours worth of work, I really think I should be refunded the cost of the license if this resolves the issue. If it doesn't, i'm going to either ask for a refund or claim back on my debit card. Either way, I won't be reselling Chronoforms to my clients.
indieben 119
November 07 2018 #381353
I'm pretty sure now that this is an activation issue with:
1) Creating a Form without the trial license or a full license activated;
2) Saving the form, closing it etc.
3) Activating Chronoforms with a paid license;
4) Carrying on with the same form.
I've uninstalled Chronoforms (I was not impressed with the fact that it does not delete the tables it creates out of the database and I had to drop these manually).
I then reinstalled and rebuilt the form from scratch.
I had not installed the library, however, I have now - no idea what that does as there is no explanation.
I'll update once I have created more than one form. Nice present in return for someone paying: "Let's stuff up your forms that you have spent hours working on and the data tables now you have paid".
indieben 119
November 07 2018 #381356
After four hours worth of work rebuilding a complicated form from scratch it has DONE IT AGAIN.
This time I have renamed part 2 partition so that it reads as follows:
part1:About You or Your Business..
part2:Your Requirements
I pressed both update partition buttons as they both say update.
Getting support is like getting blood out of a stone.
healyhatman 5.2
November 07 2018 #381358
Do you have a save data action, set to auto manage table
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I don't work for ChronoEngine but I do accept donations

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indieben 119
November 07 2018 #381359
Hi healyhatman,
Thanks for your reply again.
I have not set anything like this up.
Kind Regards.