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Super Slow

itpates , November 01 2018, 13:54
itpates 116
November 01 2018, 13:54 #381178
I am experiencing time-outs while trying to access some of my more complex connectivity forms and if I get in, save them.
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 90 seconds exceeded...
The rest of the website backend works fine. Even Chronoforms works okay.
I supposedly have v6.07 - it keeps wanting to update to 6.08 but never does.
Database is MySQL 5.7
PHP is 7.2
The timeouts happen on different browsers and even networks.
healyhatman 9
November 01 2018, 21:36 #381214
Set your maximum execution time higher.
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itpates 116
November 02 2018, 12:46 #381234
That does not solve the problem, just reduces time-outs. That it is taking so long to load, when other forms come up quickly is at the root of the question. It is extraordinarily counter-productive when I am still developing the form. What in a connection would cause it to be so slow to open, and long to reload after Applying? If I just hit Save, it saves and goes back to the list of connections quickly. I did recently move from PHP 5.4 to 7.2, about when the forms experienced the massive slow-down - is there a bug in there somewhere that's causing this?
emmexx 448
November 05 2018, 22:21 #381283
Same problem here! The bigger the connection code becomes, the slower it gets when loading or saving.
I have 2 or 3 connections in different projects on different sites that take at least 5 minutes to save.
Max should modify the code as he did for CFv6 where loading is still very slow but saving is done without reloading the connection and it is very fast.
itpates 116
November 05 2018, 22:24 #381284
I have taken to hitting Save to make sure it saves okay before timing out or something, then going back into the form and waiting the minutes it takes to come up. It's hard when you are making tiny tweaks on things and wanting to test which can result in many saves.
itpates 116
November 07 2018, 13:46 #381348
I trimmed things down to 7 events, 93 views, and 11 functions and managed to get the load time down to around 37 seconds. Still a long wait, but there must be a threshold in there somewhere because before the trimming, it was taking well over a minute. Ideally I'd like it to get down to 10 seconds or less. But any more trimming and I lose functionality of the form.