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Update notice never goes away, and may not even complete

itpates , November 01 2018, 13:45
itpates 116
November 01 2018, 13:45 #381177
I install the 6.07 to 6.08 update from the Joomla update page, and it indicates success.
In the Connectivity dashboard, I see the messages:
Database tables have been installed.
3 Cache files deleted successfully.
...which would indicate that something worked.
But when I go back to the Joomla update page look for new updates, it always shows back up as an update from 6.07 to 6.08, and the version in the manager indicates 6.07.
itpates 116
November 01 2018, 14:22 #381179
I even tried re-installing the package over the current one, but with no change. Have not tried uninstalling and installing from scratch because it's a live site and the forms are being used.
healyhatman 9
November 01 2018, 21:36 #381213
Known issue. It is updated, but wrong version code in the XML or something. Just ignore it til next release.
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MainsailSoftware 198
November 16 2018, 15:20 #381536
Yes, I get the same update notice in Joomla for ChronoConnectivity v6.0.8 from 6.0.7. When I look at what zip file actually gets downloaded and installed, it is the 6.0.7 version, same as what is on the download page for CCv6. So, what I think is actually happening is that the v6.0.7 gets re-inatalled each time you apply the update.
I don't know if there really is a v6.0.8 and that the config for download is getting the wrong file, or if there is not actual v6.0.8 available yet and the Joomla Extension look-up is miss configured. I am thinking it is the latter situation.
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mauropiro 52
January 02 2019, 11:54 #382508
I got the same update message in joomla, making me understand that it was not updated.
itpates 116
January 02 2019, 14:09 #382511
You would think they would correct their XML file so this crap stops.