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Display output as XML (how to set the application type) in header

mapme , October 23 2018, 10:51
mapme 98
October 23 2018, 10:51 #380963
I have KML map data stored in a MySQL table. I am using Chronoforms to call the data based on a query (DB Record Reader) and it is finding the data as expected.
The data is in an attribute called "kml_content"
I then use the {kml_content} as the only item in the HTML, and "Show HTML" is the only action.
However, this is being parsed as plain text and not XML. I've tried some solutions but I cannot get the KML/XML to parse as XML.
Is there any CF action I can use to display the data results so that the browser will pick it up as XML and not plain text?
healyhatman 8
October 23 2018, 11:48 #380967
Not that I'm aware of. Could probably sort it out in PHP though.
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