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fopen bug on cf6?

teldrive , October 15 at 17:52
Hi I have tested one simple code with fopen php command on php5.x and php7.x websites with cf5.x and works fine(custom code), ​
​but when I try with cfv6 it doesn't work, i am trying to import Excel file, but at this time I am on halt

​$fila = 0;​
​echo $file;​
​ini_set('track_errors', 1);​
​$gestor = fopen($file,"r");​
​if($gestor) {​
​echo 'ok';​
​echo 'fopen failed', $php_errormsg;​
Have you tried using a PHP block instead of a custom code block, out of interest?
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yes I did, with same results, in my understanding php block just avoid to use