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What is Elastic?

winchesterlyon 14
October 06 2018, 22:09 #380667
If this info is listed some other place, I'm sorry, but I just couldn't find it as I've been searching through both the website and the forum for it.
What is Elastic? What is it for? Do I need it?
Best regards,
healyhatman 9
October 07 2018, 05:34 #380669
If you're talking about elastic validation it makes it easier to temporarily validate your Chronoforms installation so you can for example work on a local copy of your website without wasting one of your validation keys
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GreyHead 64
October 07 2018, 08:33 #380671
Hi winchesterlyon ,
The notes on the Subscriptions page may help.
ChronoForms technical support
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winchesterlyon 14
October 09 2018, 19:30 #380683
Thank you for the responses. I understand now.
Best regards,