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Really simple enough JQuery code, can't find mistake...

CrystalFrontier , October 05 at 09:13
Hello everyone,
I'm trying to make text field #total show the calculated values of #debaters*30 and #vvs*25. So, a sum of 55 for one debater + one VVS (train ticket). Two debaters and one VVS would have to show 85 and so on. ​
​Given that I already have a working JQ calculation in a CFv5 form, I wonder if there is a CFv6 issue I should know about when it comes to custom coding? JHint , a code-analysing webpage, can't find a mistake but it's also not fully designed to trace mistakes but just give opinions.​
​What is yours on these lines of programming?
jQuery(document).ready(function(jQ) {​
​ jQ('#debaters,#vvs,#total').change(fees);​
​ function fees() {​
​ ​
​ jQ('#total').val(jQ('#debaters').val() * 30 + jQ('#vvs').val() * 25);​
​ }​
Thank you for any help and best regards,​
Hi Christopher,
The JavaScript looks OK. Are you loading this in a JavaScript element in your form?​
​Do you see any errors if you view the form page using the Web Developer tools in your browser.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Hello Bob,
that's the thing.. I can't find a JS element in CF6. I just used 'Custom code'?
Ohhhh, gotcha! It's in the designer tab, I only worked inside the setup area. I've added a JS element, and it is working already!​
​I guess that's different than in previous versions
Thanks for the hint!