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I can not save changes when creating a recaptcha

cobrerosweb , October 02 2018
cobrerosweb 1
October 02 2018 #380588
Hello, I have a problem with ChronoForms V. 4.0.8, I get emails like this:
Nombre *  {input_text_1} 
N.I.F./C.I.F. * {input_text_2}
Telf 1 * {input_text_3}
Telf 2 {input_text_4}
Domicilio {input_text_5}
Provincia {input_text_6}
Población {input_text_7}
C.P. * {input_text_8}
F. Nacimiento * {input_text_9}
F.Permiso de Conducir* {input_text_10}
Correo Electrónico* {email}
In the FAQS section, I have seen that this bug is solved with a Recaptcha in the form, but I have two problems:
1. Following the video of creation of a Recaptcha on the form, I can not get it displayed ( i-add-a-recaptcha-to-my-form)
2. Sometimes ChronoForms does not save the changes I make in the form.
Can you please help me correct these mistakes?
Greetings and thank you.
GreyHead 63.3
October 03 2018 #380603
Hi cobrerosweb,
Google no longer supports the early version of ReCaptcha shown in the video. you will I think need to update to the current version,
That said, it may be better to rebuild your form in CFv6 which includes the latest version of ReCaptcha.
ChronoForms technical support
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