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autocompleter parameters

peppelaria , October 02 at 09:26
Hi all, is there a way to pass more than one parameter when I make ajax call typing in a dropdown/autocompleter fiels?
With autocompleter the call is: /index.php?option=com_chronoforms6&cont=manager&chronoform=myform&event=cities_loader&tvout=view&city=someText...
What I need is: /index.php?option=com_chronoforms6&cont=manager&chronoform=myform&event=cities_loader&tvout=view&province=someProvince&city=someText...
adding the "province" parameter taken from another form field in order to add another contition to read_data action.
Thank you for your help
Not that I'm aware of but I'm happy to be proven wrong.
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Hi peppelaria,
I think that to do this you'd have to build custom autocompleter code to be able to get and send both values.
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Hi Bob, this time I managed turning autocompleters into dynamic dropdown. It is not so cool as autocompleater, but it works.
Thank you