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Chronoconnectivity / Chronoform and dropdown reload action

simelas , September 25 at 21:23
i have a chronoform opened via chronoconnectivity using {chronoform/section:chronoform_name/one}, in a form views. This chronoform has two drop down. On opening loaded data appear as expected within the drop-down(s).
BUT: when dynamically trying to reload the second dropdown via some changes of the first dropdown, nothing is reloaded although the reload action is triggering the reload event as indicated by the loading icon . The event contains the classical read database and a custom {view: relevant_field}.
Is this the righ way or data reload from db must be called differently due to chronoform initially reading data from chronoconnectivity events ?
Hint welcome,
HI Bob, Hi Max, any answer ?
Right click on the second dropdown, inspect element, and look at the data-reload attribute(I think that's what it's called?). Is it pointing to the right place, as in index.php?....chronoforms6&form=...&event=... ?I suspect you'll find it's instead pointing to chronoconnectivity6&connection=blahblah
IF that's the case, I dunno how you'd sort that one out. Does the form NEED to be displayed within CC or could you go to the form in CF and on submit redirect back to CC?
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Hi Healy,
i had already gone through all these steps. Therrfore my intial post. Me either i don't see how to sort that out as indeed it point to CC.
To answer to your question , indeed it could be done with CF and back to CC , although i am ( was) trying to figure out a smart way to remain within CC....
Maybe Max or Bob have the solution.....