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Sending form data to an event in CC6

bensonley , September 16 2018, 10:44
bensonley 65
September 16 2018, 10:44 #380194
I'm trying to send data on a CC6 connection from the index event to an add_prop event.
I've created the form view which contains a block of fields, some hidden with a value from {data:param_name}, rest are text fields requiring input.
I've setup the event add_prop and a function to save_data with override instructions on insert to include {data:field_name}.
However I currently get 404 page error on submit. So i guess i've not filled out the form correctly. So far i have added the parameters to the Form view:
Name: add_property
Data provider: {data:} - to populate the hidden fields
Action URL & params: left blank
Content: {view:add_prop_fields}
I've tried add and changing the Action URL to a FQ url with and without params ( using the structure - '&param={data:field_name}') , this didnt work either.
Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? Any advice / help appreicated.
healyhatman 7
September 16 2018, 13:21 #380198
The action URL shouldn't be necessary in your case. Neither should data provider.
Do you perhaps have the SH404SEF plugin on your site?
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bensonley 65
September 17 2018, 08:07 #380206
No.. but i did find out the problem. I loaded one of the demos - Dynamic articles one to check.
I was actually just missing the model name in the fields - so instead of name=cost it should have been the save data model with field name like name=Prop[cost] the save data model being called Prop.
Thanks for the help though!