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Payment before confirmation

SPABO , September 13 at 10:18
I have a "subcribers-form"in V5 (Joomla 3.x). Now I wish to send the confirmation (and thanks page) of their subscription only after payment.
Would that be via an Ideal plugin??
Anyway, I don't where to start or how to set this up/
Pls advise
I noticed CF could use PayPal. But where to find a tutorial, or video instruction?
I don't think there is one for the PayPal action, I think it's just trial and error. You could read the manual to get a bit of an idea how everything else works though.
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As I understand it should work, however you say "manual", sorry but I cannot find a manual.
Furthermore, I also understand this feature is only for PayPal to PayPal payments.
I rather prefer something like Ideal.
1. Where to find a manual and example of a CF5 form, including PayPal?
2. Is there a possibility to implement Ideal
Pla advise