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Validation error

celicio , September 11 2018
celicio 1
September 11 2018 #380102
Hello, I'm in the latest joomla version and I have a problem with my chrono forms Validation, and the '*' symbol is not appearing, and the error below appears on the console.
g2.forms.js:505 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'forms' of undefined
at Object.$.G2.forms.ready (g2.forms.js:505)
at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (questionario-de-satisfacao:91)
at HTMLBodyElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js?fdaabcf1f201f5653c467568d539cd24:3)
at HTMLBodyElement.r.handle (jquery.min.js?fdaabcf1f201f5653c467568d539cd24:3)
at Object.trigger (jquery.min.js?fdaabcf1f201f5653c467568d539cd24:3)
at Object.a.event.trigger (jquery-migrate.min.js?fdaabcf1f201f5653c467568d539cd24:2)
at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (jquery.min.js?fdaabcf1f201f5653c467568d539cd24:3)
at Function.each (jquery.min.js?fdaabcf1f201f5653c467568d539cd24:2)
at a.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js?fdaabcf1f201f5653c467568d539cd24:2)
at a.fn.init.trigger (jquery.min.js?fdaabcf1f201f5653c467568d539cd24:3)
GreyHead 63.4
September 17 2018 #380214
Hi celicio.
Please post a link to the form so we can take a quick look - this looks like a JavaScript error of some kind; maybe the CF script files are not being loaded???
ChronoForms technical support
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