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Switcher for Events controlled by URL?

Proximate , September 08 at 09:21
Hi Community
Have already someone a solution to switch between Events using Switch & Redirect Function?
Based on a selection i am sending a target attribute by url to another event. This Event should then, based on this parameter, directly redirect to different Events.
index --> details -->switcher​
​ |​
​ -----> Page A​
​ |​
​ -----> Page B​
​ |​
​ -----> Page
Is it possible to use redirect / switcher functions this way?
On Index Event:
Select A,B,C or D by link Buttons
--> Link to Details Event (Value A/B/C stored in URL / data)
On Details Event:
(contains URL Parameter for target (eg. target=B)
Select some more details...
--> Link to Switcher Event
On Switcher Event:
(data array contains details)
(URL contains target (...com_chronoconnectivity6&cont=manager&conn=connname&event=switcher&target=B))

Data Provider Field: {data:target}
Values Setup:
Redirect Function Event Field: {var:switcher_page}. <-- Should Contain switcher_page1 / 2 / 3
second part would be "how can i send stored (complex) data arrays from details via Switcher Event to the desired target (take data on switcher event and send it via redirect also to target event)
But actually i am already struggling on the redirect part...
As Info: if possible without ajax (because of some JS which are not working in the details page).

Info: this is a simple example - at the end i would like to have something like:
"select target Eventview" --> "Select Year Eventview" --> "Select Team Eventview" --> Switcher based on Target --> Resultscreen
Kind regards
Got it!
There where two errors in my logic / code.
First, in the switcher i have to use this syntax:
A:switcher_page_1  // ":" not "="​
the Switcher has to return the solution as VAR (activate Option)
So Switcher is Working but how can i pass (complex array) data thru an event? (thru the switcher event into the target event)
Hi Proximate,
I'm not sure that I understand the question :-(
All the data from the URL is added to the form data so you can access that from any action after your event switcher.
If the switcher is redirecting the user to another form then you can add the data to the current User Session and it will then be available on the second form (check the manual for the syntax to save and restore from the User session).
ChronoForms technical support
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