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TCPDF lib not found

cdta18 , September 06 2018, 07:27
cdta18 10
September 06 2018, 07:27 #380033
Hi att all,
i've install Chrono Form 6 with TCPDF and all right...when i've recall shortcode on web page i've seen " TCPDF lib not found".
My php install version in much high? This error could be depend to the php versione?
Any solution?
GreyHead 64
September 06 2018, 07:58 #380035
Hi cdta18,
Where did you get the TCPDF action for WordPress - I don't see that on the downloads page?
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cdta18 10
September 06 2018, 09:44 #380037
I get it on
cdta18 10
September 06 2018, 15:05 #380042
I've read that was for joomla. the TCPDF......because there isn't for wp - Chrono Form v.6?
cdta18 10
September 06 2018, 15:07 #380043 it could be right for my utility?
cdta18 10
September 07 2018, 09:23 #380058
With this plug-in nothing to do....
healyhatman 7
September 07 2018, 12:02 #380061
I don't think you can just jam any plugin in there, it has to be made or at least adapted for Chronoforms. You would probably need to use TCPDF manually via a PHP action.
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