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Problem saving updates to data from a repeater area

farscape , September 02 2018
farscape 118
September 02 2018 #379979
This post builds on this earlier one.

This is now a two-section/event form (but it's not a multi-page form). The first section/event captures a survey that consists of volunteer areas with checkboxes. It passes the respondent's ID via URL to the second section/event.

The second section loads the responses for that respondent, using the ID passed via URL. The intent is to allow the responded to select his/her top three choices.

I have an event switcher in the submit that successfully routes the submit actions of the two events. The submit for the first event works as expected. However, the save_data action in the second event does not seem to do anything. The debugger always shows Array ( ).

Clearly I'm missing something.

The second section contains area_repeater279, which contains area_fields280. The multi-field area shows two fields, the text of the volunteer area and the checkbox to indicate that this question is a "top 3" choice.
Any help is appreciated.

Here is how I've set up the second section and event ...
The fields in the multi-field area_fields280:
The loop to save the data:
The save data:
Here are the results:
healyhatman 6.0
September 03 2018 #379980
You haven't named your fields correctly. Call them for example
Then you will need an event loop, data provider should be {data:responses}. Put the save data in the body of the event loop, data override should look like this
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farscape 118
September 06 2018 #380027