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sort via username

alex305v , August 29 2018, 20:36
alex305v 55
August 29 2018, 20:36 #379907
I currently us CFv5 and CCv5 and I sort data on CC via a field called community (which is the username of the person logged in). On CC conditions I have this and it only displays that data ( <?php return array ('community' => $this->data['community']);?> ) As I am moving to CCv6 and I try the same code i get an error message. Is there an easier way or can you help me correct the code?
healyhatman 7
August 29 2018, 23:40 #379915
Read the CF manual and FAQs, the read data is the same in CFv6 as in CCv6
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alex305v 55
September 03 2018, 18:10 #379997
I am impressed by your help. THANK YOU