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tcpdf5 after PDF creation stops the workflow

mrtom , August 26 2018, 17:08
mrtom 1
August 26 2018, 17:08 #379861
Hello everybody,
sorry for my bad English- I'm not a native speaker. So I tried Chronoforms for a customer site and I am really happy from the possibilities. But I think there is a bug, when I bind the tcpdf5 part in my workflow. After the PDF creation (inline or download) the workflow stops and you have to force-reload the page...then it appears an success message above the form. In Chronoforms 4 or 5 I found an workaround- but it seems that the file- or folder structure have changed since then. Knows somebody here a solution?
Best regards
GreyHead 64
August 27 2018, 11:36 #379868
Hi mrtom,
If you create a PDF for download then ChronoForms loses control and you cannot do anything more. To keep control you need to save the pdf file to the server and then you can show a download link on the following page.
ChronoForms technical support
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