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Impossible get the Validation key on the web

baizar3 , August 16 2018, 10:58
baizar3 4
August 16 2018, 10:58 #379612
I´m new here I´ve bought a license for ChronoForms but it´s impossible to obtain the key validation. I write the order number, the email and the domain and I get the following error.
  • This order could not be found, please double check the order number and payment email
And the order number is the same that I have received in the confimation mail.
Please I need the validation key.
GreyHead 64
August 16 2018, 13:07 #379620
HI baizar3,
I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do about that here. If you haven't already done so, please contact Mas - the owner and developer - using the Contact menu above.
I understand that 2CO may have made recent changes that mean some orders are not being confirmed as 'paid' back to the ChronoEngine site.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
maqroll71 33
August 16 2018, 13:32 #379626
Hi baizar3,
i have the same issue and I have used the contact form and waiting for a reply. if i have any news, i will post them here, could you please do so as well? Just in case others have the same problem.
baizar3 4
August 16 2018, 18:12 #379637
HI maqroll71,
Ok, If i have news, I will post here.
Thanks for reply.
baizar3 4
August 17 2018, 10:46 #379651
Do you have any news?
maqroll71 33
August 18 2018, 09:35 #379668
Hi baizer,
nothing yet. sent 2x messages via contact form and 1 email to the address indicated as owner/manager by 2CO (the service that handled the payment) but so far no reply.
for now i think i can get by with the free version because i need only a short form, so the limit of 15 fields of the free version in this case is not an issue. it will become later on, though.
i'll try to contac the payment handler and see if they can do something.
it's really a pity because ChronoForms is an excellent extension from the techincal side Bob and colleagues always provide a perfect service, while it seems that at the management/owner leve, they do not care so much.
Have you also tried to send a message via the contact?
baizar3 4
August 20 2018, 11:10 #379718
Now it´s working finally... Thanks
maqroll71 33
August 22 2018, 11:40 #379786
yes same for me.
Thanks Max for taking care of this
JosHe 1
September 15 2018, 18:40 #380188
Well I've currently the same issue while bought 1 licence for Chronoforms6 (the classic option). Tried to get in contact with chronoforms developer at regular channels by mail and contactform but no reply yet. Guess I'l have to wait a bit longer.....