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cegcore2 library causing error with bootstrap

yorai85 , August 11 at 02:59
Hello dear ChronoFroms team,​
​after updating CF from 6.0.15 to 6.0.19, i get error in other plugins which uses some scripts in the joomla core, which are (as it seems) being overriden by the cegcore2 library.​
​the "regular labs - Tabs" plugin has stopped working (plugin url on the developer's site:​
​i have contacted the developer and this is his answer:​
​This is down to a conflict between Semantic-UI (which Chronoforms loads through the cegcore2 library) and Bootstrap (which comes with Joomla core).​
​Semantic-UI tries to reference/overrule the object (and also jQuery.fn.modal object) which Bootstrap also uses.​
​So in other words:​
​Chronoforms is loading scripts that are incompatible with scripts that come with Joomla itself.​
​So any extension that uses this Joomla core script functionality (Bootstrap tabs / modals) will break because of the Semantic-UI library Chronoforms is loading.​
​This is something that should be fixed by Chronoforms.​

​see the relevant discussion here:​
​here's an example page with the issue on my site (it's in hebrew, you'll see the Tabs below the page's title):​
​is there anything that you can do to solve this bug?
my joomla versions is 3.8.7. will an update fix this?​
​please advise,​
​thank you​