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Pagination control in CF6

NickOg , August 08 at 21:02
I am looking for a pagination control for Chronoforms 6. I can find the reference to {view:pagination} with CC6 . I presume there is an equivalent available for CF6 but can't find it or examples.
Can anyone help here, please? and/or point me to a gapp tuutorial.
You could always make the table and paginator in CC, and call the event from CF with {connection/event:myConnection/myEvent}
If your read data action is in CF,, you can pass the results to CC when you're asking it for the table.
And then in CC, make sure you use {var:mydata} as the data source.
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Ouch! I guess I could but I have been struggling with CC and prefer sticking with CF. Still - I will give it a try. My paginations needs are probably simple and could no doubt just include a next page but surprised if there is not a paginator accessible from CF.
Thanks anyway. See how I go.