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Access Multi Page data over several pages

ionfrahm , August 08 2018, 15:25
ionfrahm 2
August 08 2018, 15:25 #379501
Hej all

I'm having trouble accessing field data over several pages.
I'm building a Chronoform multi form with 4 pages. On page 4 I need to access the value of a button from page 1. Actually, that should be no problem with multi pages, however I can only read the data from the directly preceding page.

All events that are called when I hit a submit button have a multi page action (see attached image), before they move on to the next page.
So I guess that everything should be saved properly?
Unfortunately, the How-To-Multipage article doesn't really give me any information on the syntax to be used when accessing stored multipage data. Could anyone give me a hint, please?

(Scenario: Submit button with value "house" on form page 1. I have an event switcher based on this value on page 4. How can I read "house" at this step?)

Thank you in advance,
admin 27
August 10 2018, 07:41 #379537
Hi Ion,
Please try {session:multipage.field_name}
Best regards
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ionfrahm 2
August 10 2018, 09:05 #379540
Thanks a lot, Max!
I've been struggling with this for three days, and now my form is finally working.