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Wordpress Upgrade from 6.0.7 to 6.0.19

jfillian , August 06 2018, 22:04
jfillian 1
August 06 2018, 22:04 #379480
I've used the Joomla Version for years. I am now using Wordpress (4.9.8) and I've been wrestling with a form. I decided to make sure I was upgraded to the latest version before I put in a forum question, however, I'm not sure how to upgrade ChronoForms in Wordpress. It is not listed on the available updates on Wordpress like most plugins, and when I download and try to install the new version it tells me path exists and the installation fails. What am I doing wrong. I'm not finding any guidance through google!
admin 27
August 10 2018, 07:45 #379538
Hi jfillian,
Good question, maybe you will need to backup your forms then uninstall and install the latest update, BUT, please do not do this for now as there is some bug which needs to be fixed in the latest installer first.
Best regards
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