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Rename image label for secureimages

amheng5 , August 03 2018, 20:58
amheng5 117
August 03 2018, 20:58 #379433
Hi, I wonder if the name of an object can be edited/changed. I'm from US and want to change the description name of "football" to either "soccerball" or "football/soccer ball" Is this possible? ThanksCapture.PNG
GreyHead 64
August 03 2018, 21:18 #379434
Hi amheng5,
The word is at line 66 of the file /libraries/cegcore2/admin/extensions/chronofc/views/field_secicon/field_secicon_config.php
I don't see any easy way to change it other than editing the file. Make a note that you may need to re-do that fix after any upgrade of CFv6.
ChronoForms technical support
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