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Paypal notify_url is trimming the query strings in notify_url

ataylor14 , July 18 2018, 22:27
ataylor14 156
July 18 2018, 22:27 #379123
Hello all
I have a chronoform with an IPN listener in an ipn event and I noticed in the last year or so that there are cases when the IPN is not received by the listener.
It did not cause a huge issue because only a few messages were lost and I was able to just use the paypal email notifying me of the payment. But now the instances in which this happen are increasing.
So I did some research and came across the following:
PayPal is trimming / removing the query strings in the notify_url parameter, which is used for receiving the IPN notification from PayPal.
Has anyone faced the same issue and how did you resolve it?
Thank you
Kind regards
GreyHead 64
July 19 2018, 10:16 #379137
Hi Amelia,
Looking at the J2Store post I think that it might work if you create a hidden menu item on your site for the form ipn event. You can then add the query string to identify the form and event to the menu item and just send PayPal a Notify URL something like https;//
ChronoForms technical support
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ataylor14 156
July 19 2018, 13:42 #379152
Hi Bob
Yes I thought so myself. Thank you for your answer.