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how to save dropdown values from update list

seppo , July 10 at 21:22
If needed I can provide login details to take closer look. That would likely explain much more than many lines of explanations here
I am trying to create simple create-categories -program with Connectivity. Most other parts seems to work OK, but I cannot seem to be able to update values from dropdown field when doing multiple edit, and then to press update list like the one in "Dynamic Actions Demo".
I have there 2 fields: one text field for category name, and a dropdown to select parent category. If I change the text field, pressing update list works as expected, values get changed. But the dropdown values does not. When debugging I found out that it does not get correct values, but I do not know how to retrieve the correct values. Also, I noticed that the name-field of the text field gets id number in parenthesis like category[8
  • , while the name of the parent category field does not: parentcat
  • . This could maybe helped if I tried to parse the id from that but seemed not to work either.
    I am likely missing some key points on how to work with connectivity there.
    Your read data action you're using to populate the dropdown needs a return type of "array of key/value pairs"
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    I already had there that one so it was not the cause, but I found the solution: In the name field of dropdown I didn't have the row number, but I was able to add it there by putting {} inside the [ ]. That at the same time made it to work correctly. Hope this helps someone with similar problem