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Form works in a full page but not into a joomla article using the plug in

I've installed the V6 Chronoforms in my website and I've created a form with reCaptcha, and thank page after sending the form.
The same form works good if I clic on "View" button near the title into forms list of backend component, that open a new window with the form.
If I use it by chronoforms plug in to insert into a joomla article, I can see it but after clicked on the SEND button it reload the same page without sending the email or redirect user to thank page, as in the first case do.
How can I solve it?
Hi webmasterinaffitto,
Edit the Display Section action in the Setup tab and hard-code the submit url like
This will over-ride the article URL that ChronoForms is picking up from the page.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Hi Grey,
thank you for help.
I've followed your suggestion and now it works... for the first time but if I click again on the same page the form compares with a different format css and after inserted again all the information the browser bring to a page with only the form with message "Please compile all fileds" (couse I've inserted some required fields).
So I compile the form into the table, the chrono forms send the email to administrator with data and me, as user, is bring to thank page.
After this I click on the button which bring me again on that page, it's shown normally but the form has got a strange format but there are all fields.
I write again everything and I click on SEND
Browser bring me to a page where is only the form (not the first page like before) in wide screen with message "Please compile all required fields"
I compile again the fields and the form works normally, but after this If I click on the button to reach the page with article contains the form it appears again like the second passage...
Why the format of the form not remain the same and works normaly since the second time I go on that page?
Thank you
For precision:
The first time after I edit the article contains the form, everything works good, but after the first sent, the form compare with a strange format and after click on SEND button it bring me to a new page to recompile the form with message "Please insert all required fields".
I don't understand why
If you wanna try here the web address:
After some try I've seen that the problem is the Joomla! Cache system.
With cache disabled everything works fine... Is there a way to run it with cache system activated?