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Centre (Center) Form on page

Chas_L 30
July 06 2018, 18:09 #378856
When using Chronoforms V5, I created a form with an email box and submit button and placed this in the footer of the site, it appeared in the Centre of the page. PERFECT.
I upgraded to Chronoforms V6, imported the v5 form and it worked but was LEFT JUSTIFIED.
I recreated the form from scratch and again, it is LEFT JUSTIFIED.
I then searched the FAQs and Forum for help on this but found none.
I have tried adding various areas to try and place the form in the centre of the page, to no avail. The nearest I can get is to add a three column area with the form in the middle column but it's not really in the middle, it's LEFT JUSTIFIED to the middle column
I was nearly there with a FIELDSET area placing two dummy text fields, one either side of the form but even emptying all the content, it still shows the outline of the dummy text boxes.
What I really need is the <div> area mentioned in the earlier FAQ but I cannot find this option in V6.
Is there an area I can add HTML to or even a SIMPLE way to edit the form's HTML in order to centre it?
It should be such a simple task.
Not got much hair left so please help.
healyhatman 9
July 07 2018, 06:22 #378859
Can you not just use CSS?
or add
ui center aligned grid
to the classes of the form (Look at the "show section" action in your setup tab)
As for an area you can add HTML to..... you could always use the HTML element?
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Chas_L 30
July 07 2018, 08:28 #378863
Thanks healyhatman,
I did do a CSS to solve the issue, just needed to know how to do what you suggested in the section area.
Done that with
ui center
I did try adding an HTML element but that just gave me control over the section, not the placement.
All done now and happy.
Thanks again,