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{AUTO_FIELDS} in email sometimes not replaced with actual data

Matten , June 25 at 10:11
Recently I have had a couple of cases where the form in question, which (also) sends a sort of summary email to the person who uses it telling them what they have filled out, where the {AUTO_FIELDS} part is not replaced by the actual data.​
​So the person receives an email where the body just says "{AUTO_FIELDS}"​
​The usage of the form is written to a table and when I check the table, I actually to see a an empty entry (apart from the columns "aid" & "created")​
​Is there a clear cause for this and/or is there maybe an (easy) way ("best practice") to identify this before the mail is sent as to be able to cease further processing and inform the person who's submitting the form of this issue so that he/she can simply try again?
btw: I found a similar thread on this issue, but having read through it, I must admit that I didn't learn anything useful from it.
Hi Matt,
Serverside validation should check if there are entries in required fields.
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