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Chronoforms V4 File Uploader / includes 'index.html' in upload

jneale , June 18 at 23:12
Love Chronoforms!
I was able to get the file uploader to work on V4 form. Here's my question(s):
1. The file uploads correctly to the directory/folder that I specify, but for some reason it also includes an "index.html" file. Not sure why or what to do about it.
2. I was also able to get the submission form to include the image in the resulting email, but it still uploads the image (in this case) to the default chronoforms directory for uploads (I left the upload directory field blank).
I'd prefer to have it just email a copy, but I don't want it to also upload a copy. Is that possible? If not, solving question #1 above will be fine.
Thanks for a great product.
Jerry Neale
Hi Jerry,
Earlier versions of Joomla - back when CFv4 was released - included an index.html file in every folder. CFv4 does the same when it creates a new folder, and checks for it to see if a folder exists. It should not be a problem.
The image has to be uploaded in order for the mailer to find it and add it to the email. If you don't want to save them I suggest that you add a cron job on the server that checks the folder say once a day and deletes any files more than say one day old. (That could also delete index.html files at the same time.)
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Thanks for the quick response, Bob, and for the explanation.
As it turns out, I've found that if I leave the first "index.html" file that is created in the designated "upload" folder, it's set up so subsequent file uploads don't attempt to recreate/duplicate it. Moving forward, I'll just leave the original "index.html" file in the upload folder and we'll be fine. You're right, it's not an issue.
The uploader works great.
Thanks again!