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CC6 and CF6 cascading dropdown.

Lorentz 38
June 18 2018 #378398
Hi !
I'm lost and I need some precisions/helps cause I don't find the solution in FAQ/Forum !
I did a form with Cascading dropdowns in CF6 ... working fine.
I would like to call this CF form from a CC6 Connection.
I succeed doing it with
but the cascading can't work anymore cause it calls event in CC instead of in CF.
I've tryed to code the event in CC but I don't know how to display again the dropdown like we must do it in CF
Actually the solution i've found is to create a button menu in joomla, invisible, pointing on formview and then I use a redirection
but I think there is a best way to do it.
Must I change something in my CF Form, in the reload event for example ?
Or must I rewrite my CF form events to CC events ?
Thanks for your help