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Save as draft the data

chekwan , June 13 2018
chekwan 74
June 13 2018 #378277
I have multiple page form,
can anybody guide me step by step how to do Save as Draft function/button in every page
and user can continue fill in the form when they login later.
thank you
GreyHead 63.3
June 14 2018 #378307
Hi chekwan,
Include a 'status' column in your database table and, on the first page submitted set the status to 'draft'. You may also want to create a unique identifier for the user/form. If they are registered and there is one form per user this can be their user ID; or you can create a short unique random string. This will be used to let them re-access the data later.
Add a Save data action on that page and after the save get the new record id and save it to the form data - one way to do that is to use a Multi Page action.
On the following pages repeat the Save data action - as you have the record ID int eh form data that should update the existing record.
At the end offer the option of a 'Final Save', if this is taken then change the record status to 'final'.
To allow users to edit their forms create a new form (or another form event in the same form) where they are asked to identify the form they want to edit. Use a Data read action to check that the record exists and the status is 'draft'. If so redirect to the form to edit; if not show an error message.
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