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You do not have enough permissions to access this forum.

xena_gm , June 09 2018
xena_gm 2
June 09 2018 #378209
Hello everybody, im having some problems with the setup of Chrono Forums
This is what happening...
I created a couple of forums and a few categories for each of them.. everything is fine and im really happy becasue everything show up on frontpage as it should...
but when i click on a category it says - "You do not have enough permissions to access this forum." .. i'm a admin with login at this point..
i changed a few permissions inside some of the forums and categories and now the ones i changed to allowed send me to an error page ...

Same will happen with everyone who visit it, so could you please take a look and give me a hint?
Im so lost ..>.<
Thanks in advance!
admin 25.4
June 11 2018 #378238
Hello xena_gm,
You better disable the "Distinct permissions" setting in the forums settings area, and if you have an error then you should disable the "breadcrumbs" setting in the settings area too.
Also you have the categories under the forums, but it should be the other way, the forums under categories.
Best regards,
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