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Save user with custom field (Data override)

DevMatGod , June 08 at 14:14
I am trying to create a user with ChronoForms.​
​When the user is created, I need to take the value of some fields and send them into specific custom fields I made in user->fields from Joomla! core.
To do this, I use the option 'Save user'. When I submit the form, the user is created, but my custom fields for the user do not have any value.​
​To set the value I use the section Data override from 'Save user'. Here is what I place inside.
I'm on the latest version of joomla. With the latest version of Chonoform.
Hi DevMatGod,
Are the custom user items stored in the same table as the basic user data - I rather doubt that :-(
You probably need a second Data Save action to update the table where this info is saved.
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You need a save data action for each field. They're suited in I think user_fields or fields_values or whatever.
Each save data action will need to have
field_id:3 (or whatever the id of the field is)
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