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Multiple file upload fields with errors still submits form

grantdigital , June 07 at 06:49
We have 3 fields on a form for uploads with these allowed file types 'jpg,jpeg,png,gif,pdf,doc,docx,txt,zip,wav,mp3'.
So when 1 upload a xls file in 1 field and nothing in other fields it gives me 'The file extension is not permitted.' and reloads the form as I would expect. When 1st field is a xls and 2nd field is a jpg I get 'The file extension is not permitted.' and it also continues and sends email so it does not stop due to the error. Why is that?
Hi grantdigital.
I don't see any obvious explanation. Please take a form backup and post it here so I can take a closer look.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
File attached for you to take a look at.

​Update: do this only happens when multiple uploads is enabled. With new form I upload you will get 'complete' message if it passes. This only happens when there is allowed files in 2nd field.​
Edit: This is simpler form with out all extra stuff.