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How to disable single option in dropdown according to another field

M.Abletech , June 07 2018
M.Abletech 56
June 07 2018 #378173
I have two dropbox setting values: I wish that if in the first dropdown I choose option 3, in secondo dropdown option 1 is disable. if in the first dropdown I choose option 5, in secondo dropdown option 1 and 2 are disable.
This is just an example.
I've read this post:
Where admin suggested :
jQuery(document).ready(function($){$('option[value="xyz"]').prop("disabled", true);});
But where exacly do I need to put this code?
And how and where can I recall it?
Thank you a lot!
GreyHead 63.4
June 07 2018 #378177
Hi M.Abletech,
That would go in a JavaScript action. By itself it will not do what you need but the code can be expanded to change option properties in the second dropdown when the first one is changed.
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