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How to change label and field view

directivemsp 65
June 05 2018 #378152
previously i was using chronoform5 so there was setting to add field label to left and text field to right like this -
so is there any setting to change the style of my form in chronoform6 please guide me about it.
joomla version - 3.8.8
chronoform version - 6

healyhatman 6.1
June 05 2018 #378154
In the "class" field, add (don't replace, ADD) the class 'inline'
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directivemsp 65
June 08 2018 #378195
thanks for the reply
when i was using chronoform5 so my form was looking like this (chronoform - 5)
in this form label and checkboxes comes to side by side but in chronoform6 this is not coming like this, i added "inline" class in form fields also but not able to make it as same as previous.
so what i need to do for it. (chronofrom - 6)