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AJAX returned enclosed in DIV?

tfetherston 10
June 03 2018 #378120
I'm trying to use AJAX to perform tasks which return a status message. I can do this in CF5, but in version 6 my returned JSON values seem to get encapsulated in a div:
<div class="semanticui-body G2-joomla chronoconnectivity manager index">

{"message":"<div class='alert alert-block alert-success'>[...]","close":true}
My jQuery script is complaining: "SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data," because I believe it's expecting '{' instead of '<'.
Is there something I'm not understanding about the way Connectivity v6 works with AJAX?
GreyHead 63.5
June 04 2018 #378122
Hi tfetherston ,
What is the URL you are using to make the AJAX call - I think that the parameter used to get bare data changed from CFv5 to CFv6
ChronoForms technical support
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tfetherston 10
June 04 2018 #378125
The parameter I have is tvout=ajax
healyhatman 6.0
June 04 2018 #378128
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tfetherston 10
June 04 2018 #378141
That's the ticket. Thanks!
tfetherston 10
June 04 2018 #378142
I meant to tag Chronoforms v6, not v5, by the way - unable to edit