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Dynamic value in dropdpwn from a sql query

M.Abletech , June 01 at 14:47
I need to dynamically populate a dropdown from an sql query.
I think what I need is this:
​$db = \JFactory::getDBO();​
​$query = "​
​SELECT `id` , `archivio` ​
​FROM `kizgv_arxivar_IXCE_giugno2018` ​
​WHERE `id` >3​
​$form->data['ixce2'] = $db->loadResult();​
Just I don't know where tu put it... and where to set which is the value and which the label.
Any suggest?
Hi M.Abletech,
You can read the data with a DB Read action, or include your PHP in a Custom Code action. Then use the Dynamic Data tab of the Select DropDown element to add the results to the element settings.
Please see this FAQ for more info
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