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How to check joomla user password to validate a form send?

oloccina , May 26 at 14:54
I'd like to build a form for users who want to request their account to be deleted, but I want them to reinsert their password in order to validate the request before is sent.
I wonder if there is a tutorial or a simple way to do this.
A second issue would be that the form should ideally be just a field for the user to insert their joomla password and a checkbox, when the form is being sent I should receive automatically
user name
user id
user email
but I am not sure how to make Chronoform get those info from the db automatically on form send.
I have seen this tutorial (even if it's for V4) but it doesn't explain how to actually send the user info in an email to the admin for example.
Thank you for any suggestion on this!
Hi oloccina,
In CFv6 some of the User info is provided in CF shortcodes - see the Shortcodes FAQ for more info. You can include these in an email body.
The password is not included as Joomla doesn't store it - just a hash to compare. There are Joomla JUser methods that you can use in a PHP or an Event Switcher action to check the password.
ChronoForms technical support
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Thank you, I'll look into that!