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Dropdown List

scion371 , May 24 2018, 14:23
scion371 23
May 24 2018, 14:23 #377938
Have set up a Chronoforms 6 form with a Dropdown section offering a multiple choice list of Product interests. Though several are selected  only one of the user's choices is delivered. The remaining form functions perfectly.  I have tried it using Radio Buttons and Tick Boxes but none of these work.  I cannot find any reference to set up of dropdown choices in the v6 manual.
The following set up was applied:

Email Set-up

Designer Label:  Email 
Recipients list: Email included
Subject: Customer Enquiry from {data:name} 
Auto add fields data:  Off


Name: {data:name}
Email: {data:email}
Phone: {data:phone}
Selected: {data:radio13}
Interested in: {data:checkboxes14}
Message: {data:message}

Send as : HTML
Yes: Apply advanced template parsing and styles

Attachment settings
No: Auto Attach file fields

Send settings: Reply email {data:email}
Reply name: {data:name}

CC: Blank
BCC: alternative email address

Email Set-up
Auto Template: Blank

Could someone advise me on this one?
GreyHead 64
May 24 2018, 16:16 #377939
Hi scion 371,
From the checkboxes element "In order to submit multiple selections, the name must end with two square brackets []"
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
scion371 23
May 25 2018, 10:38 #377947
Bob, Thanks, that works, but, sorry to say, it is not the cleanest bit of typography...