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Various bugs - upload files, repeaters

healyhatman , May 17 at 13:22
1) Auto uploading of files do not work when the file field is part of a repeater area, you need to specify each possible field name
For example, in the Custom Files config you would need to enter
so on and so forth.
2) Cannot use square brackets in the names of the fields, such as "document[0]"
3) Cannot use curly brackets and therefore cannot use shortcodes in the names of the fields in the custom files list, for example if you were to try and get around issue 1 by putting the upload file action within an Event Loop, and call the field using 'document[{var:loop_event.key}]. Your debug will look a little like the following:
[upload24] => Array
[path] => /..../components/com_chronoforms6/chronoforms/uploads/
[document[{var] => Array
[extensions] => Array
[0] => loop_event25.key}]:txt

[info] => File is not present.
as you can see, it's a little broken.
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Use the mediafinder widget within a repeater because it stores a location of the file and not a database relation. The fileupload widget uses the system_files table and connects via a polymorphic relation to the main record. That type of relationship can't be setup through a repeater's contents, so you'll have to use the mediafinder widget to store the location of the file in the repeater widget's data column.
try this and ping if it helps
Another bug - it says there's been a reply to this post, but I can't see it.
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I don't work for ChronoEngine but I do accept donations
Hi healyhatman,
You couldn't see it because it was a first post by a new user and subject to moderation. I did look at it yesterday but didn't understand it - I still don't understand it today :-(
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