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Auto Update to Chronoconnectivity5 version 5.0.6?

tfetherston 10
May 16 2018 #377721
This is not a huge problem, but a small nuisance. Continually, when I log in to Joomla! back-end, it announces there's a new version of Chronoconnectivity 5 -- it says I have 5.0.1 installed, and 5.0.6 is available. The auto update URL ( lists 5.0.6 as the new version, but the download URL in that file ( downloads a file marked as version 5.0.1.
I'd like to either download the current version and install it, or to stop being nagged about updating if there isn't really an update.
admin 27.0
May 18 2018 #377784
I fixed this, thank you!
Best regards,
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