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2Checkout Integration

annekm , May 15 2018
annekm 47
May 15 2018 #377677
I would like to integrate 2Checkout Payment Gateway to my form.
Could you please guide me as to how to proceed? Or direct me to a Tutorial?
Thanks in Advance,
GreyHead 63.5
May 15 2018 #377683
Hi Anu,
I have no experience with them but you can clearly use the 2CO Redirect and 2CO LIstener actions in the Payments action group.
The Redirect action will be the last action in the form On Submit event and you can use form data to fill the boxes that you need.
The Listener action would normally go in a separate form event to listen and respond to info sent by 2CO. I am not clear where you tell 2CO the URL for this event :-(
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
annekm 47
May 16 2018 #377707
Thanks for your response.
I would appreciate if there is some basic documentation of how to configure 2Checkout. Mainly for first-timers like me, I am finding it difficult to get the correct formats. Please do consider this request.
Specifically, if anyone could guide me in the 2checkout redirect for the field "Product Provider", it would be a great help.