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CF6 called by CC6. Cascading dynamic dropdown not working.

Lorentz 38
May 14 2018, 10:46 #377665
Hi !
I'am Michel from France and I gonna try to explain my problem with my poor english
I am using CF6 to make a complex form.
This form 'ADD' containins some cascading anddynamic dropdown. Records are saved in a database. 
After some hours debbuging, it works perfectly ! 
Then I use a CC6 form to display a table with the data stored in the database. Working as I expected (TY for CC et CF !)
For now, I've added a button in the toolbar above the table to call my CF6 form 'ADD' using {chronoform.event:ADD/load}
My form is displayed like it's supposed to do but for all cascading dynamic dropdown, when I do a selection in the 1st dropdown, the second dropdown disappears.
I've added a debugger in the function called but nothing happen/display. 
As the 2nd dropdown disappears, I imagine that the reload event is trigerred but may be not the function. 
Any idea ?
jvidalbac 6
May 17 2018, 18:53 #377739

In your reload event, have you added a custom code to show the dropdown?
Lorentz 38
May 22 2018, 12:32 #377889
Hi, jvidalbac,
Yes I did it.
The CF form is working like a charm. But when I call it from Connectivity, {view:field_name} seems not working anymore.
AS I need to gor forward, I'd by-passed the problem using a direct link to the CF Form. I exit connectivity in sum.