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How is it possible to populate the dropdown field by showing two united fields?

nugget , May 12 2018
nugget 3
May 12 2018 #377647
I have a table with: ID; name; surname; etc ..
I would like to be able to create dropdown showing surname + name
How should I set the data setting select in read_data?
How to play a 2-field arry from the "All matching records" set?
GreyHead 63.5
May 12 2018 #377648
Hi Nugget,
You should be able to specify a combined column in the Save Data action using code like this in the Fields to Retrieve box of the Read Data action:
CONCAT(, ' ', Model.surname):Model.full_name 
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nugget 3
May 12 2018 #377651
Hi Bob and thank you for your answer
I had already tried but unfortunately it does not work. The concat function returns an error; I tried with all the possible syntaxes.
Is there another way?
healyhatman 6.0
May 12 2018 #377652
CONCAT( , ' ' , Model.surname):Model.full_name

The commas need to be separated by spaces
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You can now copy+paste code from forums
nugget 3
May 14 2018 #377661
Thanks Healyhatman!
I could never have done it myself.
I lost hours trying to find the solution.