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Updated form won't save

healyhatman , May 09 at 05:09
As the title says. I have a form I want to make changes to, and it won't work. If I click Save (even if I don't change anything) the console says
jquery.min.js?c1860d751c317d034217c0c03477d8d5:4 POST 404 (Not Found)​
​send @ jquery.min.js?c1860d751c317d034217c0c03477d8d5:4​
​ajax @ jquery.min.js?c1860d751c317d034217c0c03477d8d5:4​
​(anonymous) @ index.php?option=com_chronoforms6&cont=connections&act=edit&id=22:489​
​dispatch @ jquery.min.js?c1860d751c317d034217c0c03477d8d5:3​
​r.handle @ jquery.min.js?c1860d751c317d034217c0c03477d8d5:3
The issue persists if I make a copy of the form, or if I backup + restore.
All other forms appear to be working. ​
​Wiped CF cache, site cache, browser cache.
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