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Label left and input box right

DeNeng , May 07 2018
DeNeng 6
May 07 2018 #377542
In chronoform v5 you could change the label on top or on the left site of the input box.
On chronoform v6 you do not have that option, but how can I get in v6 the label on the left en the input box on the right?
admin 26.5
May 20 2018 #377803
Hello DeNeng,
You can change the "container class" setting in the field advanced settings to "inline field"
Best regards,
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DeNeng 6
May 21 2018 #377857
Hi Max,
I changed the "container class" setting from "field" into "inline field", but that didn't do the trick
tjhaas 148
June 07 2018 #378186
I want to accomplish the same thing and have the same issue. Adding "inline" has no effect.
How can we accomplish this?
GreyHead 63.4
June 08 2018 #378201
Please post a link to the form so we can take a quick look.
ChronoForms technical support
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tjhaas 148
June 08 2018 #378203
Thank you for your reply.
I tested on a different form today and it works as described.
I deleted and recreated the form that was giving me the problem and it works fine now.
Beats me what the problem was, but it makes me want to pound my head on my desk for awhile.