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Checkbox : pass value TRUE/FALSE instead than 1/0

M.Abletech 56
May 07 2018 #377532
I wish I can pass throu checkbox boolean value: true/false, instead of 1/0.
How can I do that with visual designer?
GreyHead 63.3
May 07 2018 #377537
Hi M.Abletech,
I'm not sure that you can do that in the visual designer. What exactly do you need to do with those values?
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M.Abletech 56
May 07 2018 #377538
I got an integration with an ERP so I need to insert the expected values.
How would you do it? What code would you use instead?
healyhatman 5.2
May 07 2018 #377539
You're already doing that - 1 / 0 works pretty much the same as true/false.
You can pass any value you want. Set "value" to what you want to send if it's checked, and set the ghost value for when it's not checked.
And you can just use 1 and 0 you know - 1 evaluates to true, and 0 evaluates to false. If you want true/false leave it as 1/0, because if you put "true" and "false" it'll send the string values.
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M.Abletech 56
May 07 2018 #377540
Thanks Healyhatman! I was forgetting about ghost value